Niobium products

Nickel 200

Nickel 200 Alloy is an economically unadulterated nickel that displays great erosion obstruction and has rather low electrical resistivity. It's utilized in harsh arrangements, sustenance dealing with gear, and general erosion safe parts and structures. Since it contains attractive and mechanical properties, it tends to be utilized in gadgets that require attractive impelled parts.

Nickel 201

Nickel 201 Alloy is like Nickel 200 Alloy and is a low carbon alteration of the 200 Alloy. It has a low toughened hardness and low work-solidifying rate. The individuals who utilize Nickel 201 Alloy think that its alluring in profound illustration, turning, and authoring. It expansion, it very well may be connected to erosion safe gear including yet not restricted to: burning evaporators, spun anodes, and research center cauldrons.
Consequently, the alloy is widely used in a number of modern technological processessuch as electronics &nuclear energy industries, andin superconductor applications.


Nickel 205 & 270

Nickel 205 Alloy contains controlled increases of magnesium and titanium (little measures of both) and shows great oxidation obstruction. It's regularly utilized in help wires, vacuum tube segments, pins, terminals, lead wires, and other electronic segments of the like.
Nickel 270 Alloy is a high virtue nickel amalgam normally utilized for electrical safe thermometers.